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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

What a wonderful way to celebrate a man's life.  But who was St. Valentine.  Know one really knows.  He was a Roman priest who was martyred.  That is about it.  When looking him up on the Internet, I was looking forward to finding out about this Saint.  But unlike my favorite saint, little is known about Valentine.  Who is my favorite saint?  St. Francis.  I love him.  He was so human, with such a human background.  If he was alive today, doctors would put him on medication because he would be seen as a nut case.  I find him wonderful.  If ever I want to be inspired, I read about St. Francis.  I also read about someone I hope will become a saint in my lifetime.  Mother Teresa.  Both these people gave up everything to follow God.  They both served and dared to be seen as eccentric.  I pray one day to have even a moment of their bravery.  So Happy Valentine's day, what ever that really means, but wouldn't it be wonderful to have a huge holiday to honor Francis and Teresa.  Maybe someday.

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