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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Life As Konnie Is Never Normal

I have been preparing to go to the Oregon beach for the next few days.  Garbage and recycling out, kitchen somewhat clean, etc. etc..  I packed my cutest clothes, which with my expanding body is getting more difficult to select.  Then I put on my outfit.  Black pants, grey and striped shirt, black high healed clogs, grey poncho with a beautiful broach that was my great grandmas.  I was cute darn it!  But I needed to do the last minute check on my chickens.  I put some fresh cedar bedding in the nests.  I decided, because I told my neighbor he could have the eggs, I should move the tub that I time to time empty out into the compost.  You know, the urine bird poop, rain water filled tub.  Well while moving it, as I placed it down, a big splash of urine, poop and rainwater splashed to my face, my shirt, my pants, my shoes.  What the heck was I thinking.  Now, as writing this, I found crop pants that sorta fit, and a, what I must confess too tight top, and sandals to put on, because all my cute and well fitting stuff is in the trunk of the car.  Life as Konnie is never normal.  As usual:)

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