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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lucy and Ethel are back....along with Mrs. McGillicuty

Ok, I have to admit, for a year, I have been looking for an excuse to put the song Funeral For A Friend by Elton John on my blog.  But when talking about a real funeral, it just seems inappropriate.  But because of the wind at the beginning of the song, I felt, for this post, the time was right to play it.  It is a long one so it will be on for a couple days.  But since it it a great song, I hope no one minds.  And now, the first post about my fun but as usual, not normal weekend....

Had a great few days at Seaside.  LL and I met Mom, Kris and Steve around 12:00 on Sunday, and we caravaned to Seaside.  The accommodations were excellent as usual.  While there, the weather was pretty stormy.  LL and Steve left around noon the next day.  So then it became three women who might have one brain between them.  Let me give you an example.

Monday, around 5:00, we decided to go for a nice Valentine dinner.  We had coupons to two different restaurants and thought we would decide which restaurant we would eat at depending on the weather, since we were walking.  Kris and I had ate at one of the restaurants before and knew it was good, but the other one that was a little farther sounded excellent and was recommended to us.  Since we had a 20% off coupon, we thought it would be nice to try something new.  So we walked a block and thought, "the weather is not so bad", so we turned the corner and continued to the new restaurant.  Keep in mind my mother is 80 yrs old and does not do well in the cold.  Well, we turned another corner and the wind hit.  It was cold.  "Do you want to keep going Mom?"  Of course, anyone that knows my mom knows she will push herself.  So we continue.  So we go a couple more blocks and I see the restaurant sign ahead.  I wish I had the writing capability to describe the whole walk.  It couldn't have been more than a half a mile or so but we were walking against a wind in a storm that I can not describe.  So we go up the stairs and into the restaurant......

The cute little restaurant waitress looked at us with a cute little smile and asked in a cute little way...."Do you have reservations?"  What!  I tell her I looked at their advertisements and no where did it say reservations required.  Not even recommended.  Well, Something about it being stupid valentines day.!!  I guess we should have called ahead.  Kris said, "do you have a bar we could have a drink and rest?"  Well, cutie putudie said "yes around the corner".  Well I knew mom could not make it to the next restaurant.  So being the upstanding wonderful person I am, I said, "I'll walk back,(In the hurricane!!) and get the car and pick you guys back up.  Kris give me mom's car keys".  She gave me the keys and I start my way back.  Do dodo do do.  *I am such a good person doing this for my mom and sis*.  I must admit here, if you didn't do all the backtracking we did to get to the restaurant, our hotel was not very far, but still, I treaded through the storm of the century to get back to the hotel.  I go up to the 5th floor where I was sure the car was parked. Walked around and thought ummmm not here.  So I go to the 3rd floor parking and low and behold, Mom's car waiting there for me to rescue Mom and Kris's butts.  So I take the keys out.  Must say, they looked a little strange, hit the unlock, hit it again.  Damn Damn Damn.  These are NOT my mom's keys.  What to do?  Well I thought I could call them on my cell phone and scream at them, but being the high minded person I am, I decided to try to find my mom's spare keys.  Knowing she is always prepared, (unlike two of her dim witted daughters).  So I go down to the room, (wasn't I smart to have the room key with me?) and I go into the room.  As I walk in, a phone is ringing, where is this phone and what stupid person did not take it with them?  I ask, feeling a bit superior at this time.  I look at who's calling and it says "Konnie's calling"......  I am?  How can that be?  I am here and I am not calling.  I answer "Hello".  I hear wheezing on the other end.  you know the sound, like somebody laughing so hard they can't get a word out.  I knew then it was Kris.  "What are you doing with my phone?"  She says "I don't know, I think mom picked it up, but it started ringing and after mom and I found it we started laughing because we thought somebody else was sooo rude having their cell ringing so long."  Oh isn't Kris cute.  Like the wretched waitress!  She says "we just wanted you to know they had a cancellation of a reservation,  so we can have dinner here at 6:00."  At this point I did not give a damn.  But I said "Oh good"  because I am a team player.  I then say "well I am in the room trying to find keys for the car".  Well the high and mighty Kris starts to say in her most supreme voice "I gave you the keys".  Well I let loose then.  "For A SUBARU!!".  Which is her car which is about 115 miles away.  Instantly she knows what she did and giggles like she is so cute.  That damn waitress's influence again.  "Oh, I guess I gave you the wrong keys".  Yes I guess you did.  So I find Mom's keys and drive to the restaurant.  Go to the bar.  Mom and Kris are still doubled over from laughing.  The bartender asked me what I wanted, I said,"Gin and Tonic, make it a good one, I deserve it!!"  He looked at me with pity.  After all, he had been dealing with Mom and Kris for the past half hour or so.  So we eventually have a lovely but expensive dinner.  They charged me for four Gin and tonics.  Although I admit I would have liked four of them, I had two, so we corrected that.

We had a great day afterwards but this morning, while getting ready to leave; and Mom, since you payed for our dinner, you might not find this funny...... but while emptying out her pockets, Kris found the coupon which was the reason we went to this expensive restaurant in the first place.  I can not believe we forgot to use the coupon, darn it!

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