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Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 7, 2011

Good Morning.  I did not blog much last week.  I realise I did not post any pictures of our trip to Seaside.  This is the view we had outside our rooms.

As I said before, the accommodations were wonderful.  They are really apartments and easy to make yourself at home.  As you can see by Kris laying on the couch.

The day after we got back, Kris and I went to a meeting about my sister Kathy and what to do about the budget cuts.  Although we did not feel good about what is up ahead for Kathy and our appeal was officially denied, there is a meeting on Wednesday between the county and state agencies looking at Kathy's unique situation and there is small hope that exceptions will be made once they take into account her complex physical and mental needs.  Kris and I are not a part of this meeting.  It's just the two agencies hashing out the details we already gave them.  Say a prayer for Kathy please.

Friday afternoon, Karen, Mom, LL and I went to the Spirit Mountain casino.  Mom and Karen had tickets to see Engelbert Humperdink. OK I have no idea how to spell his name, and I don't even want to look it up.  Karen had an extra ticket so I went too.  He actually still sounds really good.  About 45 minutes into the show, I started having "issues" so I went to our room but gave my ticket stub to LL.  So he saw the second half of the show.  I gambled early the next morning.  Broke even which in my world is a win.  Luckily my issues were not so bad during this trip.  We got back Saturday afternoon.  That evening, LL and I went to Mom's and along with Steve, Kris, Kara and Mom, watched a documentary that featured one of my brother-in-law relative.  The movie is about the Oregon Reserves in Afghanistan.  It was fascinating.  No matter any one's opinion about the war in general, a person can not deny the bravery and heroism of these soldiers in this movie.  It reminds me to make sure next time I see someone that served or is currently serving, to thank them.  I had Mom record another documentary on Afghanistan that was on HBO last week.  I have not watched it yet.  My nephew and Godson who has served two tours in Iraq and has a purple heart will be going to Afghanistan soon so I want to see and try to understand a little of what he will be going through.

Yesterday, I felt good.  My digestion did not get in the way of me being active, so I REALLY cleaned my kitchen, rode my bike to the grocery store, heading back home, my chain broke and LL had to come rescue me.  I made two spaghetti sauces, (one meat and one vegetarian).  Went outside to spend quality time with the girls. 
Boy they are sure fattening up.  I know for sure Harriet is laying but the other two might become some one's stew soon.  No, I am not kidding.

And look at the day.  It clouded over a bit later but most the day, the sky was as blue as ever.

Since today is the start of week 8, 2011, I will try to get another post in about the upcoming week.  Thought this post was already long enough.  Have a great day.

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