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Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 8, 2011

I am never sure which is better....Having plans to look forward to in the week, or having nothing planned.  It is nice to look forward to getting out and doing something outside of home, but I must say, when I have appointments during the week, I am nervous ahead of time worrying if I will eat the right foods, eat at the right time, take the right meds, etc. to be able to make the appointment or meeting.  So, for this week, except for Beau's grooming appointment, I have nothing and nowhere to be at a certain time.  I think I am a bit relieved.

Today, I took Beau to be groomed and will blog about it.  During his grooming, I kept busy with Marlin and LL, who has today off, kept busy getting frustrated. (A blog post soon to come).  The weather this week is not suppose to be good.  Rainy and even snow in the forecast.  I hope they are wrong.  Really want to get some photography time in.

I am not sure what next weekend has in store.  A nice first weekend for the year out in Marlin would be nice.  Hint, Hint, LL!  But we will see.

So I guess we will see what will happen for the week.  I already have 2 or 3 posts planned just from today's happenings.

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