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Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 9, 2011

Oh my, did we have a wind storm last night.  This time, no trees down.  A year and half ago, Silverton had a freak wind storm.  I was up in Portland recovering from surgery.  Bailey was home alone, and a neighbor's tree fell into our kitchen.  LL luckily got most of it fixed before I came home. 

Today, I am staying home, catching up on laundry, cleaning, and hopefully deep cleaning one of the bathrooms.  I use to do a big spring and fall cleaning 2x's a year.  I would spend a solid week from sun up to bed time going through every cupboard, cleaning every corner, washing every window.  Frankly, I do not have the stamina right now for that.  So I am picking one or two rooms a week and deep cleaning every corner.  When I am all done, I will be putting a fresh coat of sealant on my hard wood floor.  I figure since my house is big, I will be done by Easter.  And that's OK.  So both bathrooms with get a well deserved scrubbing this week.

Tomorrow is the start of the Real Food Challenge.  I hope to have a full and complete list of whole foods made today, because Kris and I might be going up north towards Portland tomorrow.  I want to go to Whole Foods store to pick up a few things I can not get at our local grocery store.

Wednesday, I am keeping open.  It is Kris's last day off from recuperating from surgery.  If she has no plans, and my "digestion" continues to behave, I am hoping we can do something fun together.  I have enjoyed having her company a lot over the last few weeks.  I am going to miss not feeling quite as alone during the weekdays.

Thursday, if LL and I decided to RV somewhere this weekend.  I will spend Thursday making sure the RV is ready to go, and prepare what foods I can.  We will not be taking any prepackaged, convenience foods because of the challenge, so my regular RV meals will not work.  And because of my elimination diet, even steak can not be on the menu.  My body is not ready to bring meat back into my diet.  I am having doubts that I will ever be able to tolerate any meat other than fish.

Friday, if we go RVing, will have me getting the house straightened up and making sure Max is good with having Mom and Dad gone for a couple days.

LL's birthday is coming up.  I need to start thinking what I would like to give him.  Don't have a clue right now.

So that's the upcoming week.  By the way, I watched the Today show this morning.  Watched an interview with Charlie Sheen.  It is even obvious to me that if indeed he is not high, than he is either going through a Manic episode, drug induced schizophrenia, or some other mental illness.  I hope someone in his life can help him.  Don't know why I feel the need to even comment on some Hollywood person but it was actually painful to watch him in the interview.

Have a great week everyone.  It is pouring down rain here today.  Bailey is house sitting for Karen this week.  So every thing will be calm and quiet around here all week.

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