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Friday, March 4, 2011

De-Glutenizing The Kitchen

Got started about 8:00 yesterday morning.  Yikes, lots of crumbs everywhere.  Lots of spills.  Lots of items to get rid of.  

Luckily, I just deep cleaned the refrigerator a few days before, so just needed to wipe out and organize.
Labeling areas for gluten free items.

Cross contamination is common if places are not designated specifically for Gluten free and certain condiment containers are easily at risk.  So I tried to make it easier on the rest of the family.  And put as many separate tools as possible.  Like measuring cups and spoons.  Definitely I need my own butter dish.

While finishing up, I put a soup together for dinner, and finished deglutenizing the kitchen around 4:30.


Today, I am planning to work on the Laundry room and small bathroom.  I'll see how far I get, because I want to go to the library, and also drop something off at Kris's.

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