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Friday, March 4, 2011

Real Soup

I have always enjoyed making homemade split pea soup.  I never make it the same twice.  I usually add a lot more stock than I had.  Usually use some canned, but that is not within my perimeters of the Real Food Challenge.  I had some homemade turkey stock in the freezer.

It was not enough stock to make a whole pot of soup.  Usually, if I am low on stock, I will throw more water in with bullion cubes.  But again, didn't want to use bullion cubes.  So I decided to add the water and throw in more vegetables than usual.  I added a couple vegetables that I never had before.  Sweet potato, and asparagus.  Along with that I added onion, carrots, potato and split pea.

Now, I also usually use spices, but I have not researched the brands yet to find out if they are gluten free.  So I used salt and pepper, and grated up fresh garlic, and grated up fresh ginger. 

Decided to blend half of it smooth, and keep the rest in lumps.

And here it is.  Delicious.  I must say, I liked it better this way with the fresh ginger instead of spices.  I added a pat of butter and julienned fresh basil.

So in keeping with my Real Food Challenge, a total made from scratch, (even the stock) Split Pea Soup. 
Was able to freeze enough for another dinner for LL and I.

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Whirliegig said...

Ooh, this sounds yummy! My sister would love all the GF items you've got as well!