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Friday, March 4, 2011

Deep Cleaning?? Not really

I am throwing my family under the bus.  Yes I am, unapologetic.  The Laundry room is really a multi-purpose room.  Half of the room is utility sink, washer and dryer, and broom closet.  The other side of the room is our home office, where mail, bills and filing cabinet is.  It is also where LL installed, after the fire, a stereo system that he put speakers around the house and can choose what rooms to listen.  So this is where we keep the Cd's.  This is also, although we use laptop, we have our printer and all the Cd-Roms for the computer.  This is also where we feed our dogs and store their food.  So with that said, it is disorganized and dirty.  A year ago, I think I blogged about it, I deep cleaned this room.  Not only did I clean every surface.  I also went through the Cd's, (separated them for who they belong), mail, (I filed and purged).  Well, you get the picture.  Well, after last year.  To quote President Bush the first........."Not going to do it!".  YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!!  After I did this a year ago, I had to listen for MONTHS to everyone say and ask "Where did you put____?, I can't find _____!, Did your throw_____ away?,.  So with that in mind.  I went through my papers and filed.  Personal stuff, Max's stuff(I am his guardian and payee), and Kathy my sister's stuff,(I am her guardian).  I cleaned every surface, went through socks, and garbage laying around.  But I will not be going through the rest of the papers and Cd's.  I will wait for a weekend when everyone is around and make them help me.  I know.........good luck with that, you are saying.  Still this is the horrendous mess when I started.

And here is when I was done.  No, without going through the papers, electronics, and etc.  I don't consider the job done.  But it is as good as it will get if I am going solo.  Throwing them all under the bus!  That's what I am doing:)

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