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Friday, March 4, 2011

Hannah, may she RIP soon...........

Well I am about to make the decision.  I have been getting one or two eggs every day for a while now.  Didn't want to make a mistake (although I was pulling for Henrietta).  I knew for sure, Harriet has been laying.  Then got one more laying.  I know which eggs come from each chicken, but did not what to make a mistake.  Well, I just checked on the girls.  Both Harriet and Henrietta are hard at work, and where is Hannah???  Out in the yard eating all the scratch I threw out this morning.  Well Hannah.......Your free ride is about over.  Aunt Leone gets back from being out of town with Mom and I am calling her to exchange chickens.  She has over a hundred and I think she enjoys and is entertained with my amatur coop keeping.  She has told me she will give me one of her year old birds when one of my old ones quits laying.  I choose to believe Hannah will live a long life in my aunt's large flock, but know Hannah "might" be taken to the auction, and a Asian woman, who goes there, will buy(and pay far tooo much) and make her chicken soup.  

I love animals, but even though my LL might say differently, I do know the difference between "Pets" (Beau and Rufus), and livestock, who, although I am determined will have a good life when with me, when no longer contributing..............Well, bye bye.  I only wish Aunt Leone used the Internet and read my blog so I didn't have to call her and ask to do the exchange.  Don't worry, I will post pictures of the farewell, tears and all.  OK, not really, never did like Hannah!

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katie said...

hannah heifer... Bob bull.... Joe Jersey???? ring a bell? I was traumatized when I asked Allen why we were not going to feed the cows and he actually pet the skillet with the burrito meat...