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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Real Food Challenge starts today!

Kris and I went up north to Whole Foods.  I am torn about this.  I like to frequent my local grocer, but I have never been to Whole Foods and our local grocer has a very small and somewhat expensive organic produce section and very few bulk foods.  Only occasionally will I make a special trip up there to buy, but must say, when driving home from a doctor's appointment, I will be going in again to buy items I can't get in Silverton.  Afterwards, we stopped and ate lunch.  I kept it whole foods and "safe" for my digestion.  I had a baked potato and roasted vegetables.

Now, the first thing I saw when I walked into the store was mesh produce bags.  I have been using these over a year now.  They cut down on plastic and last forever.  Unless you lose them, like I did with about half of them.  So I bought a package of 6.  If you ever see these.  Pick them up.  They are kind of hard to find in my area.

Almost everything I bought was Organic.  Most local, but not all.  I bought apples, lemons, bananas, lettuce, sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, ginger root, bulk green split peas, basmati brown rice, jasmine rice, quinoa, extra virgin olive oil, cage free organic brown eggs (because my girls are not producing fast enough for me).

So I got my grains all organized so hopefully I can use them with my digestion.

I picked up some nori.  Yes it is prepackaged but has only one ingredient.  Seaweed.  I guess it is processed but we don't actually eat it.  Why did I buy it then?  To make cute little decorations on LL's bentos.:)

Now before you get too impressed with me, I did have a mental lapse and bought three items that are more than one ingredient and processed.

Rice cakes with nori, giving those to Bailey to take to work.  Sparkling water with lemon juice.  And an all natural salad dressing.  The water and dressing will be put away till I think what to do with them. 

So what's for dinner?  Fish, mashed sweet potatoes with a touch of maple syrup and salad with evoo and lemon.  All yummy and within my perimeters.  So I am ready.  Ready for a month of eating healthier and putting more thought into where my food comes from. 


Kayli said...

Good luck on this challenge. I really do think you are on the right track.

Lynda said...

I admire your gusto for going for a challenge... like you need one!! I hope the foods work well for you. Also, your LL loves the decorations on the Bento!