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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We Belong Together

Been on the move already this morning.  My niece Kara's car needed to be worked on, well her windshield did.  So I went to Kris's house this morning and we had breakfast together.  She made oatmeal with rolled oats, milk and lemon zest soaked all night.  It was so good.  We took Kara's car in and now I am back home. 

I am scrapping my plans to concentrate on my bathrooms this week because I and my doctor have determined I am gluten intolerant.  Very intolerant.  I made a wonderful gluten free dinner last night.
Salmon, baked mashed sweet potato, and salad.  But I did not make sure my counter tops were free of crumbs, and I used butter that I know Bailey used to better her bagel.  It only takes a crumb of gluten to give a reaction, and since I know my dinner was safe but used the butter and counter top, I had a slight reaction.  Burning eyes, and throat swelling.  Not enough to affect my "digestion", Thank God!

So I am going to start working on my kitchen today.  This will take several days because I need to get residue off my pots and pans.  I could just buy a couple pans that I solely cook gluten free food in, and maybe will eventually do this.  But after depleting our savings for scooter and wanting to travel soon, I do not want to invest right now, for the expensive pans I like to use.

In a while I am making rice to take to Kris's.  She is roasting vegetables and we will have lunch together.  After that, we need to pick Kara's car back up.  Kris returns to work tomorrow.  Must admit, I have enjoyed her time off.  We didn't spend all our time together, but when my "digestion" was behaving, we did a lot of little things together.  I want Kris to win the lottery so she can retire and keep me company.  Yes, I am that self involved:)

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