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Thursday, March 3, 2011

What Time Is It???

It's Bento Time!:)

Don't ask me how far I got when cleaning my Kitchen.  Not very far.  OK not at all.  But today, as soon as LL leaves, I am starting in one corner and working my way around.  One thing I wont do is the outside of the cupboards.  Bailey and I do this together.  She gets on the step ladder with the Murphy's Oil Soap and I tell her, "you missed a spot".  Pointing with conviction.  Then when the cupboards dry, she goes around with Almond oil, and I point with conviction and say "you missed a spot".  Don't get on me about this.  I do all the rest of the cleaning of the kitchen.  Today, it will help that my mom is out of town and Kris is back to work.  Less excuses to do something else.  I don't even have to stop to make my lunch and clean the mess up because I made myself a bento in my cute bento from Japan.
Lettuce that I will add lemon and evoo, rice, roasted onion, roasted carrots and a one egg little omelet

Of course I made LL a bento with leftovers also.  Lettuce salad, rice balls with nori face, roasted carrots, one egg omelet sliced and a ground beef patty made from Uncle Leo's beef, and a slice of cheese cut into a heart. 

The cheese is processed.  So I will make believe he will not eat it and throw it out.  OK.  I will take it off.  Dang this Challenge is hard.

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