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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


A nice day yesterday.  After running around on scooter doing errands, I rode my scooter to the Oregon Gardens as soon as they opened.
My scooter looks a little dwarfed.

The sky was blue and the flowering trees were the stars for the day.


These two lovely ducks were having a nice swim.  Nosey and not too smart me, should of just took a wide shot and cropped it.  But I wanted to just sit and watch and snap close pictures.  So I took two steps towards the pond and...............

Away they flew

I decided to check out the vegetable garden area to see what stage of preparation they were at on the raised beds.

Looks pretty much like my raised beds. 
But I did notice they had spread out material for the walk way.

I love the idea of using filbert shells (hazelnuts) instead of gravel, or some other material.

After I spent about an hour at the Gardens, I ran a couple more errands, went home and worked around there.

I then went to see how Mom was doing after her eye appointment.  She seemed to be doing well.

I am about to leave to go back to Mom's for the morning.  Have a great day.

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