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Sunday, April 17, 2011


Don't ever count on the weather men in Oregon to be accurate.  The only thing you can count on is that they will be inaccurate.  But I still said on Friday evening and Saturday"The weather man said........."  And the three men in my life took me at my word.  So here is how the weekend went. 

Let me remind you of how our camping spot looked when we started.
Friday, late afternoon, LL, Kane, Max and I went to the camping spot and cleared out some moss and put some gravel down.

Oh they look happy now, but after an hour in pouring rain, they were none too happy.

On Saturday, we took another load of gravel, LL, Kane and I.  I kept saying "it is suppose to clear up and not rain".  But it was a down pour.  Still Kane helped us clear more moss, set up our new picnic table and put another load of gravel down. 

We went back home and got the RV, Marlin, ready.  It was nice and dry at home so we were all set.  Got half way there and the downpour started.

Still, we got Marlin in place and Max, LL and I stayed in the RV that night.  It poured most the night, but in the morning, it was nice and the lot was drying off.  I made eggs, potatoes and bacon for breakfast and LL started in on working some more.  The owner of the park came by and was so impressed and said this lot hasn't looked this good in twenty years and as a reward, he is going to gravel the driveway for us, which is a real blessing. 

Mom, Kris and Steve came over to look at our spot.  I am looking forward to this summer, camping with them all.

And here is our spot as we left it.  Next Friday, LL has a furlough from work, so we will be going over and getting more work done. (if weather is dry).
Boy do I feel blessed.


Kayli said...

Good things are happening :)

It looks like you've been in that spot forever! I just know you all will have loads of fun there.

Anonymous said...

Konnie I am so thrilled for you.... and I plan on becoming a pest this summer to you... Karen