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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Week 16, 2011

A little late with this weekly post.

Monday, yesterday-Kris and I did our yearly Guardianship Report for Kathy.  Bailey had the day free so we went to Salem and got a few things at Target.  I started having "issues" so we went home and my day was done unfortunately.

Tuesday, Today-I need to do a few things around here this morning and then I will probably spend some time with my Mom.  She has a bit of a bug and is not feeling well.

Wednesday-Suppose to be a dry day so I will be working outside.  Also, do you remember the documentary I went to Portland to see.  I AM  The director Tom Shadyac will be on Oprah this Wednesday.  So I will make sure to watch it.

Thursday-I need to get a few things ready to take to the RV and work around the house.

Friday-LL and I will be going to the camp spot.  We will be putting some more gravel down.  Smaller size that is used for tent sites.  We will come back Saturday afternoon, as it is suppose to rain anyway.  I will spend the rest of the day getting ready for Easter.  Keeping Easter low keyed this year.  I am not having everyone over this year for a couple reasons.  I haven't been feeling great in general and also with all my food issues, I don't feel I am ready to do a lot of cooking and risking contaminating my kitchen and getting sick.  We will spend a little time with family, just more informal and low keyed.

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