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Friday, April 29, 2011

Tute My Own Horn

Well, I am tutting my own horn here, but this afternoon, I feel I am all THAT!  Got home after stopping by Mom's house.  Blogged, coordinated with Max's staff, my children.  Put in foil pouches, various vegetables with oil and herbs, foiled salmon with oil lemon, lime and vegetables.  Baked potatoes for dinner and breakfast, made rice, packed all other foods, packed my clothes, talked to Max's county representative (more on that later), fed, collected eggs, watered my chickens. Fed Rufus and am now blogging just as LL is coming through the door saying, "Are we going".  "You are darn well tooting we are going".  Oh and my kitchen is no longer a disaster...............Ya!  I am all that:)   Well.....Got to go!

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Kayli said...

Have fun this weekend...I'll call you next week :)