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Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Proper Royal Day

OK, I will admit, although I try not to get sucked into the pop culture, media saturated stories.  I still watched a bit of the wedding and will admit, Catherine was beautiful and Will's Mom would be proud.  And keeping with the British love.  And after watching the "proper" kiss by the lovely couple.  I will do a review of a British show.  (I will be using "proper"  a lot in this post, because the British say it a lot.)

I have talked about my love of Masterpiece Theater.  I love the BBC's productions of the classics.  I watch every week on of my favorite shows, Lark rise to Candleford.  I have blogged about these all.  But then there is British food.

I have had Spanish food from Spain.  Yummo!  But the closest I have gotten to a proper English meal is when I was in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  Some of the best food ever.  But most was not English.  We had Tapas, Muscles in Thai sauce, Greek sandwiches.  But we also went to the most authentic English pub we could find and had Shepard's pie, beef roast with Yorkshire pudding.  Oh my, it was delicious. It was a proper English meal, I thought.  I waited till I went to Spain for Kris and I to have a proper pint of Guinness.

But when watching some English cooks on t.v., well things do not look appetising.  I have been watching on the Cooking channel, Two Fat Ladies Click on the name if you want to check them out........properly:) Oh they are cute and funny, and I am sure their food is delicious, but the production of their show is anything but appetising.  Clarissa's hair is always hanging down and looking like it needs a good wash, and Jennifer has hands beautifully polished but I wish she would use a spoon or spatula instead of her hands once in a while, and most of the time I can not understand what she is saying.  They cook a lot with organs, which I do not do unless it is fresh liver after my uncle butchers a cow, and when they make kidneys or liver, it never looks like something you would like to eat.  But still I watch like a train wreck.  Jennifer past away right after most of these shows, so I shouldn't make fun.  But I do so in an endearing way.


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