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Monday, June 27, 2011

Week 26, 2011

We had a great weekend at the campsite.  I will post some pictures in next post. 

This week I need to wash the towels and clothes from this last weekend and pack them up for this next weekend.  I also need to get more organized and make sure I pack well for this holiday weekend.  As we have been running low or running out of quite a few things in our RV.  So along with getting ready for the weekend, I have a few commitments for the week.

Today, Monday-LL and I have a meeting for Max at 4:00.  This is about his work and it is time to make some changes.  4:00 is a very tricky time for my "digestion" so I will go early and wait at Mom's. (she lives just around the corner) and make sure I'll be safe before going to the meeting.  If not, I hope LL is not late.

Tuesday-Meeting friends for a visit

Friday-First thing in the morning I have a meeting for my sister Kathy.  Then I will finish getting ready to go to the camp site.

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